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奥运会足球直播网:Happy May Day!

The past few months have been very difficult times for the whole world, even now, in many countries, people still must fight the virus. COXO experienced such a moment, we know we must help each other to win this fight, that why we are always stay with you!
Now COXO can produce many protective products, such as KN95 mask, Goggle, Face shield, Aerosol disinfection sprayer and Extraoral aerosol suction machine…, we know these will help people to protect well.
May Day is coming, its a day for all our laborer, this is a special May Day, we know for fighting COVID-19 virus, many doctors work so hard for us, we need to pay them high tribute!
We are warmly notice: COXO will be in holiday from May 1 to May 5. Any demand, please inform us early.
We believe that the haze will eventually pass, the sun will eventually come!
Wish you and your family are always with healthy, safety, happiness and love!🙏🙏
Happy May Day!



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