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130724中韩足球直播:C-BRIGHT Teeth whitening accelerators

Technical: Input power:AC100-240V, 50/60Hz Light resource:6pcs high power LED Wavelength:420nm-490nm Light intensity:3 intensities,maximum> 6OOOmW/cm2 Adjustable timer:1m, 5m,8m, 1Om, 15m,3Om C-bright-1a ? ?C-bright-1b Volume(cm):base:54x54x24, ?arm:100x14x12 ? ?52x52x22 Weight(kg)/PCS: ?9.Okg ??5.5kg Packing material:carton


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1-simple ,light and handy moldin design.
2-Hand-held and fixed dual-use two design,freely to adjust to any angle position
3Unique aemi-cicular head design,both arches whitened at .the same time.
4-6 pcs high power LED,fan-cooled.
5-1-O minutes adjustable timer,3 light intensities ,suitabl for more brands tooth whitening gel
6-Led screen shows all the information, all the operation is so easy
7-Integrated type is available

This product has been applied layout-design patent,Counterfeit must be investigated;n ZL201030178149.1


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